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So with no assignment, nothing to do, you never went back to Liberia. Now let's go and read the transcript of 13 April, please, page 38783, line 15 please. The witness was asked; this is Charles Ngebeh:

"Q. In May 2000 you took part in the attacks against the

United Nations peacekeepers.

A. No.

Q. And the heavy weapons that were taken from the United

Nations peacekeepers were handed over to you, weren't they?

A. You are correct. All the 17 armoured cars here parked

in my compound, you are right. Because I was the arms


Q. And you removed some of the weapons that were mounted

on those armoured cars and put them on RUF pick-up trucks.

Isn't that right?

A. You are correct. That was what I did.

Q. And you were aware that these weapons had come from the

capture of the United Nations peacekeepers, weren't you.

A. Yes. But it was an instruction from Issa, and what

could I have done except that I accept the instruction from


So as being the person in charge of the disarmament in Kailahun you must have known, Mr Witness, that the armoured vehicles that were being turned over had been stripped of the equipment. You knew that, didn't you.

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