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Sir, I'm reading from paragraph 7. If I could just have one moment. In paragraph 7 it indicates:

"However, RUF has yet to return all the weapons and equipment seized from UNAMSIL and the monitoring group (ECOMOG) of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). No further items have been returned since the issuance of my last report. While the RUF leadership has indicated that they expected most of the rifles and other weapons to turn up during the disarmament exercise, so far only 31 UNAMSIL weapons and 148 ECOMOG weapons have been recovered during the disarmament process."

Well, sir, you said you were in charge of collecting the weapons in Kailahun during the disarmament. Nothing like 500 personal weapons were recovered by the RUF and turned over during that disarmament, were they?

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