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  • [The accused present]

  • [Open session]

  • [Upon commencing at 9.30 a.m.]

  • Good morning, counsel. It would appear the Prosecution Bar is as before, Mr Werner?

  • Yes, your Honours, Madam President, good morning. For the Prosecution this morning: Brenda J Hollis; myself, Alain Werner; and Maja Dimitrova.

  • Good morning Madam President, good morning your Honours. For the Defence we have: Mr Terry Munyard; myself, Morris Anyah; and Ms Emena Efeotor.

  • Thank you, Mr Anyah. Unless there are some preliminary matters I will remind the witness of his oath. Mr Anyah, you are on your feet.

  • Yes, Madam President, there is one preliminary matter. I have called it to the attention of the Office of the Prosecutor. Last night while reviewing additional documents in my file I came upon handwritten notes from the other case that we referred to and copies are on the Bench in front of your Honours and I emailed copies to counsel opposite early this morning and I don't know if they have any objection to having received it late, but if they do not then I will be ready to proceed.

  • Your Honour, we received that early this morning. We do not have any objection. We are grateful for that email. Thank you.

  • Thank you, counsel.

  • Proceed, Mr Anyah, please. Sorry, pause Mr Anyah.

    Oh, I am sorry. Mr Witness, I remind you again this morning, as I did before, that you have taken the oath to tell the truth. I remind you that you are still bound by that oath and you must answer questions truthfully. Do you understand?