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  • Good morning. We'll take appearances first, please.

  • Good morning, Madam President. Good morning, your Honours. Good morning, counsel opposite. For the Prosecution this morning, Kathryn Howarth, Maja Dimitrova and we're joined by Geoff McCarrell.

  • [Open session]

  • [The accused present]

  • [Upon commencing at 9.00 a.m.]

  • Mr McCarrell is welcome to the Court.

  • Good morning, Madam President, your Honours, counsel opposite. For the Defence today, myself Courtenay Griffiths, with me Mr Morris Anyah of counsel, Mr Terry Munyard of counsel and we're joined today by Ms Logan Hambrick, who has been with us for many years but who has joined us now in The Hague.

  • Ms Logan is welcome to the Court.

  • Madam President, can I raise a couple of administrative matters before we commence today. The first is this: I have been shown a schedule showing the hearing times next week. Can I confirm for the assistance of the accused and those who are responsible for his transport to Court that next week there is no hearing on the Monday but we will be sitting full days on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

  • That is correct.

  • I'm grateful. The second matter, Madam President, it might appear at first blush to be somewhat trivial but it does concerned the accused. During the many months of his evidence he was allowed to have a plastic jug filled with water next to him. Now that he is sitting behind me, the jugs now available are made of glass and as a consequence for obvious security reasons those who are responsible for his security are concerned at him having a jug. Can I make this very simple request: That whoever is responsible for distributing jugs in the building could make available a plastic jug for him now that he is sitting behind me?

  • Mr Griffiths, I don't think that this is a matter for judges really. If the administration could do it for the accused before, surely they can do it now.

  • Madam President, I raise it because we who have dealt with the bureaucracy in this building appreciate how difficult it can be to achieve even the most simplest of changes. That's why I raise it publicly.

  • This I think is a matter that the Court Manager can handle. Am I wrong, Ms Irura?

  • Your Honour, we will attend to it.

  • Now I will handle a preliminary matter and that basically deals with a motion that was filed on Monday by the Defence and a motion in respect of which we're of the view that a timely decision would be in order, so I'm going to hand down an oral decision in Court. I believe we're in open session.

  • Your Honour, we are in open session.

  • The following is the Court's ruling:

    On Monday, 2 March this year the Defence filed a motion entitled "Public with confidential annex A and B Defence motion for leave to include additional Defence exhibits in the list of anticipated exhibits for use during the testimony of witness DCT-125", that is motion 921, in which they sought leave to include two documents contained in the confidential annexes A and B and to include those documents in their list of anticipated exhibits in connection with the said witness.

    Yesterday on 3 March the Prosecution indicated that they would not be responding to the said motion. The Trial Chamber has noted the grounds named in the Defence for - in support of the request of the motion and is satisfied that it is in the interest of justice to grant the leave sought. Leave is accordingly granted.

  • I'm most grateful.

  • Before the witness continues with his testimony, I'm going to remind him in open session of his oath to tell the truth and then I'm going to request - do I understand, Mr Griffiths, that we should continue in private session?

  • I'm hoping that we can keep it to no more than 10 to 15 minutes and then hopefully we can move into public session.

  • So for the members of the public listening out there, witness DCT-125 is testifying in chief, but there are matters in evidence that for his own protection and privacy have to be taken in private session and therefore we will return to private session for a brief period before opening up the proceedings again.