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  • [Open session]

  • [The accused present]

  • [Upon commencing at 9.30 a.m.]

  • Good morning. We'll take appearances, please.

  • Good morning, Mr President, your Honours, opposing counsel. This morning for the Prosecution, Mohamed A Bangura, myself Brenda J Hollis and our case manager, Maja Dimitrova.

  • Thank you. Yes, Mr Anyah.

  • Good morning, Mr President. Good morning, your Honours. Good morning, counsel opposite. Appearing for the Defence this morning, myself Morris Anyah and Mr Silas Chekera.

  • Yes. Good morning, your Honours. Mr President, your Honours would have noticed Mr Griffiths is not present. Before the Court session commenced we passed some messages through your legal officers to advise the Chamber that Mr Griffiths is ill. I believe the Prosecution is aware of this as well. Mr Griffiths sent me a text message late last evening and I did not read it until this morning, and it simply said that he had sustained some food poisoning and that he hoped to feel better today, being 4 August.

    This morning when I saw the text I also noticed a voice mail message from Mr Griffiths. That came in this morning, and in the voice mail message he said that he was unable to be here today and that he was ill. I then telephoned him and we spoke, and he sounded terribly ill. He is, as we now know, unable to be here and he suggested that he might be able to be here tomorrow, but it one of those things that we are not particularly sure at this time.

    So we have no recourse but to ask respectfully for an adjournment for one day from today until tomorrow, at which time we will be in a better place to advise the Chamber about the health state offence Mr Griffiths.

  • Thank you, Mr Anyah. I might say the Trial Chamber did get your message this morning.

    Ms Hollis, I don't know if you have anything to say to that application. I'll certainly give you the opportunity now.

  • Mr President, only to say that we would support the application.

  • All right. Thank you, Ms Hollis.

    We're sorry to hear Mr Griffiths is not well, and he has the Trial Chamber's best wishes for a speedy recovery. We don't see any other alternative but to adjourn the case until tomorrow morning. We'll adjourn until 9.30 a.m. tomorrow morning.

  • Thank you, Mr President. We're grateful.

  • [Whereupon the hearing adjourned at 9.35 a.m. to be reconvened on Wednesday, 5 August 2009 at 9.30 a.m.]