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  • [Open session]

  • [The accused present]

  • [Upon commencing at 9.30 a.m.]

  • Good morning. I just like to start by reminding the parties that we will be rising earlier than usual for our mid-morning break, namely, at 10.20, in order to enable us to attend the swearing-in ceremony at the ICC. And if there is nothing else, I will remind Mr Taylor.

    Good morning, Mr Taylor. I remind you of your declaration to tell the truth.

    Ms Hollis, please continue.

  • Initially, Madam President, I would simply note for the record that for the Prosecution this morning Brenda J Hollis, Mohamed A Bangura, Christopher Santora and Maja Dimitrova.

  • Good morning, Madam President, your Honours, counsel opposite. For the Defence today myself, Courtenay Griffiths, with me Mr Morris Anyah of counsel.

  • Thank you, I apologise. I had overlooked the appearances.