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  • Good morning. Before we take appearances, I would just like to announce that the trial will proceed in the absence of Judge Doherty this morning, who is unable to be present with us today pursuant to Rule 16(A) of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence. A notice to that effect has been published yesterday. We'll take appearances now, please.

  • [Open session]

  • [The accused present]

  • [Upon commencing at 9.00 a.m.]

  • Good morning, Madam President, your Honours, opposing counsel. This morning for the Prosecution, Mohamed A Bangura, Maja Dimitrova, and myself Brenda J Hollis.

  • Good morning, Madam President. Good morning, your Honours. Good morning, counsel opposite. Appearing for the Defence this morning are Terry Munyard, myself Morris Anyah and we are joined by our legal assistant Ms Kathryn Hovington. Thank you.

  • Thank you. Mr Anyah, could you please introduce your next witness.

  • Yes, thank you, Madam President. The Defence's next witness will be DCT-299. Madam President, I do have a preliminary application to make in respect of this witness, and the application is as follows: In a decision dated 27 May 2009, which is at CMS-782, your Honours provided certain protective measures to Defence witnesses and we submit that this witness is one of those who falls within that order. The relevant part of the order provides that those who were closely affiliated or associated with any of the warring factions in Liberia or Sierra Leone be afforded the protective measure of pseudonym. This is at page 13 of the decision I've referred to at (i).

    Also in the decision your Honours indicated that - and this is at subparagraph (b) of page 14 - that the names or any other identifying information of these witnesses shall not be disclosed to the public or the media and this order shall remain in effect after the conclusion of the proceedings.

    That means that as of today the witness is still afforded the protective measure of pseudonym and I can indicate to your Honours that having spoken to the witness during proofing sessions outside of Court the witness has indicated a willingness to testify openly using her true identity. Accordingly, I make the application that that protective measure of pseudonym be rescinded. Thank you.

  • Very well. The submissions have been noted and the Trial Chamber orders that the protective measure of use of a pseudonym as afforded to the witness by the Trial Chamber's decision of 27 November be rescinded as requested by the witness. You may call the witness in.

  • I should indicate while the witness is being brought in that the witness will require the use of a Krio interpreter and the witness wishes to be sworn in on the Koran.

  • Is the Krio interpreter in place?

  • Thank you. I must have misspoken. The decision that I applied in rescinding the measures was 27 May 2009, not November.