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  • [Open session]

  • [The accused present]

  • [Upon commencing at 9.30 a.m.]

  • Yes, good morning. We'll take appearances first, please.

  • Good morning, Mr President, your Honours. Good morning, counsel opposite. For the Prosecution this morning is Brenda J Hollis, Christopher Santora, Maja Dimitrova and myself, Alain Werner.

  • Good morning, Mr President, your Honours, counsel opposite. For the Defence there is Courtenay Griffiths QC, myself Terry Munyard and Ms Emily Mitchell.

  • Thank you, Mr Munyard. Yes, call your next witness please, Mr Werner.

  • Yes. Mr President, the next Prosecution witness will be TF1-304. He is a 92 bis witness covered by your decision of yesterday given orally. Now we need to - again we need to rescind some protective measures, because this witness - we spoke with this witness and this witness told us that he would like to testify openly. Now, he is a Category 1 witness covered by the decision of 5 July 2004. His name is not in any of the annexes and again we are raising this point to the extent that our position is that these protective measures apply to the witnesses covered by the Category 1.

  • Thank you, Mr Werner. Would I be correct in assuming, Mr Munyard, that you would not object subject to the position you have taken with regard to this 2004 decision?

  • Absolutely right, your Honour. Our position is obviously we don't object to the witness testifying in open session, but clearly we maintain our position about Category 1 witnesses and the arguments we've raised hitherto. There was an appeal pending on the first of those witnesses. That has now been abandoned, but our position hasn't been abandoned.

  • Yes, thank you, Mr Munyard.

    Well, the Trial Chamber will note that this witness will be testifying without any protective measures. The current Trial Chamber decision, which we understand there are applications for leave to appeal, is that this witness would not be covered by the protective measures mentioned in the 5 July 2004 decision of Trial Chamber I and therefore we find the current Prosecution application to rescind those protective measures to be redundant.

    Yes, thank you, Mr Werner. If you could --

  • Yes, so the name of the next witness is Sahr Charles, TF1-304. He will testify in Kono language and he is a Christian.

  • I wonder if you could spell that name for us too, please.

  • Yes, your Honour. Sahr would be S-A-H-R and the family name Charles would be C-H-A-R-L-E-S.