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  • [Open session]

  • [The accused present]

  • [Upon commencing at 9.30 a.m.]

  • Good morning. We will take appearances, please.

  • Good morning, Mr President, your Honours, opposing counsel. This morning for the Prosecution, Brenda J Hollis, Mohamed A Bangura, Christopher Santora and we are joined by our case manager Maja Dimitrova.

  • Thank you. Yes, Mr Griffiths.

  • Good morning, Mr President, your Honours, counsel opposite. For the Defence today, myself Courtenay Griffiths, with me Mr Morris Anyah of counsel.

  • Thank you. I think before we call on the Prosecution to continue the cross-examination we should determine where we stand in terms of sitting tomorrow. As indicated yesterday, the Chambers contemplate sitting tomorrow to make up for the time lost because of the problems with technology that we've experienced during the week. However, we are not going to make any order until we hear from the parties.

    What's your attitude, Ms Hollis?

  • Mr President, of course we are quite willing to sit tomorrow. We would ask your Honours if at all possible to consider sitting no longer than until 3 o'clock as there is an appointment that I have tomorrow at 4 that I had made in October and it may take some time to reschedule that, but if your Honours choose to sit the entire day then of course we are most happy to do that.

  • Thank you. What's the Defence position, Mr Griffiths?

  • It does cause us real difficulties to this extent, Mr President: Firstly, I have a long-standing medical appointment in London at 9.30 tomorrow morning and as a consequence had booked a flight to return to London this evening. Secondly, Mr Taylor has a family visit scheduled - a long-standing family visit scheduled for tomorrow and of course, he normally being in court Monday through Thursday, Friday is the only day where he can accommodate such a visit. So again that would cause him some difficulties.

  • All right. Thank you.

  • [Trial Chamber conferred]

  • Well, as I have already said, the Trial Chamber had contemplated sitting on Friday, which is outside the normal court schedule, but after hearing from the parties the Trial Chamber of course recognises that the delays caused by the technical problems experienced this week were not the fault of the parties.

    The Trial Chamber also recognises that it's not unreasonable for the parties to have made pre-existing commitments which were arranged in the expectation that the normal court schedule would prevail this week. So in the circumstances the Court will not interfere with the current order and will not sit tomorrow.

    Now, Mr Taylor, once more, you are going to be asked some questions. I remind you are still bound by your oath to tell the truth.