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  • Good morning. Good morning, Ms Hollis. Appearances, please.

  • Good morning Madam President, your Honours, opposing counsel. This morning for the Prosecution are Alain Werner, Maja Dimitrova and myself, Brenda J Hollis.

  • Thank you, Ms Hollis. Mr Anyah?

  • Yes, good morning Madam President, good morning your Honours, good morning counsel opposite. Appearing for the Defence today Mr Terry Munyard, myself Morris Anyah and Mr Michael Walker. Thank you, Madam President.

  • [Open session]

  • [The accused present]

  • [Upon commencing at 9.30 a.m.]

  • Thank you, Mr Anyah. I think Mr Walker is - no, we have had Mr Walker before in Court, haven't we?

  • Yes, we have, Madam President. He is called to the Bar of England and Wales.

  • Thank you. Ms Hollis, I note there is no witness on the stand.

  • That is correct, Madam President. The next witness to be called is TF1-045. This witness is the subject of protective measures based on a decision in the RUF case, the Sesay et al case, dated 5 July 2004. The witness was listed as a Category C witness. In addition to those protections, on 19 July 2005 in the case of Brima et al in court at pages 2 and 3 of the transcript the witness was granted closed session for certain portions of the witness's testimony. On 18 November 2005 in the Sesay et al case, at pages 44 to 46, the witness was again granted closed session for certain portions of his testimony.

    The Prosecution has spoken with the witness and the witness wishes to waive the protections - all of the protections - for his in court testimony. Therefore the Prosecution is asking the Trial Chamber to rescind the decisions of 19 July 2005 and 18 November 2005, insofar as they would grant closed session in this case for certain portions of testimony, and also to rescind certain provisions of the decision of 5 July 2004.

    Those provisions are: paragraph (a) of the decision dealing with pseudonyms; paragraphs (b) and (c) dealing with the disclosure of identifying information, except insofar as it deals with addresses and whereabouts of the witness; paragraph (d) insofar as it deals with the witness's testimony today in open court; paragraph (e) dealing with the use of a screening device; and paragraph (i) dealing with voice distortion for Category C witnesses.

    So we would ask that those provisions be rescinded to the extent indicated in the remarks I have just made and that the witness would be called to testify openly. In addition, for your information the witness will testify in the Krio language.

  • Thank you, Ms Hollis. Mr Anyah, you have heard Ms Hollis's application. Your response, please.

  • Yes, Madam President. With respect to all three applications for recision, specifically the 5 July 2004 decision, the 18 July 2005 pronouncement in the Brima et al case and the 18 November 2005 pronouncement in the Sesay et al case, we have no objections, Madam President.

  • Thank you, Mr Anyah.

    We note the application and the response and we grant the application to rescind those rulings in the RUF and AFRC cases of 5 July and 18 November 2005 in respect of closed sessions and we grant the recision of the protective measures detailed in paragraph (a) of the decision of 5 July 2004. We amend, or partially rescind, the provisions of paragraph (b) so that addresses and whereabouts of the witness are not included in any of the public records of the Special Court, and we rescind the provisions of (c), (d), (e) and (i) of that ruling. That will apply to this hearing only. I trust I have them properly recited, Ms Hollis?

  • Yes, thank you, Madam President. The Prosecution will call TF1-045.

  • Thank you. I will just check if the Krio interpreters are in position?

  • Thank you. Please proceed.